Pataskala Martial Arts Academy

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Private Lessons

A great way to accelerate your progress! 

Private lessons are a one-on-one approach to getting you the instruction you need in the areas that you want.  Each private lesson is 30 minutes in length for a cost of $50.

Semi-private lessons are also available.  If you have a training partner or small group of training partners (up to 4 students per group) then the cost to each member would be $35.  

Call 740-975-2634 to set up your private lessons

Mat Fees

If you want to train in any of our To Shin Do classes but are not comfortable with signing a contract, then you can use our Mat Fee program.  With this program you pay as you train.  The mat fee is $25 per class.  As with our other programs, there is no charge for the introductory class.