Pataskala Martial Arts Academy

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To Shin Do - Ninjutsu

We do not rise to the level of our expectations.

We fall to the level of our training.

--Archilochus, Greek Soldier, 650 BC

Level 1 – Foundations of Self-Protection

We interviewed law enforcement officers, security professionals, emergency room doctors – and even

coroners – to find the 12 most common attacks likely to be thrown at good people by dangerous aggressors.

We then designed our first phase of training to show you how to defend against these assaults. Begin your

adventure with a 64-class course in effective physical, intellectual, and emotional self-protection – an

exciting excursion into empowering self development. Practice how to win in the 12 assault types most likely

to occur in a dangerous confrontation, how to turn those 12 threat situations into rescues of other people,

how to use 12 natural body self-defense tools, and how to develop the grounded presence of focused

command in high-pressure situations.


Level 2 – Advanced Self-Protection

Build your skills in success-generating principles of personal confidence, ability to recognize potential

danger as it builds, and capability to respond effectively under pressure as you explore a next-stage set of

24 advanced applications of winning skill and strategy. A 145 class course adds advanced concepts in

fighting footwork and intelligent power, and shows you how to develop the eyes and mind to recognize

danger as it builds so you can be in just the right place at just the right moment to control the conflict on your



Level 3 – Path of the Protector Martial Arts

Your training evolves into a personal exploration of power, a path of self-mastery. Your skill and confidence

evolve as you explore a third-step set of 24 more advanced applications in a 145 class course leading to

Black Belt in To-Shin Do. You know you are living up to your fullest potential, the “exciting peace” of coming

home to the truth of just how strong you really are.


Level 4 – Black Belt Mastery

Learning doesn’t stop at Black Belt – that’s where highest mastery begins!

To-Shin Do Black Belts around the world work on personalizing training for a winning spirit in all of life’s challenges.

Advanced skills includehow to use less effort to generate more speed and power, how to respond with grace and intelligence

when confronted with brutality and ignorance, how to rescue and protect others, and how to deal with multiple

attackers, assailants with weapons, or aggressors skilled in street-fighting or other martial arts.

You can download the enrollment forms by clicking the buttons below, print out the forms and bring them with you to start training, or get the enrollment forms at the front counter when you come in for your free class.