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Mighty Dragons - Aiki Ninjutsu


Our kid’s self-defense program is offered to children from 4 to 6 years old. This program will teach your child self-discipline and confidence as well as self-respect and respect for others. The program is designed to help your child earn a youth black belt in the martial art of Aiki Ninjutsu.


The skills your child will learn include:



How to deal with bullies

Balance and body control exercises

How to roll without causing injury

The importance of understanding the concept of “Stranger Danger”

How to deal with frustration

The importance of good sportsmanship


Our kid's classes include several confidence and skill building exercises using a positive reinforcement approach to learning. We try to end each class with a game that uses the skills learned in that day’s class. The games help reinforce the day’s lesson as well as teach good sportsmanship and the importance of supporting friends and classmates in their efforts. 


See what some parents have to say about our training.

"I recently enrolled my child into class and am very impressed.       Mr. Jackson is so patient and positive with the kids, and it's      evident in his actions and manners how much he loves teaching this      art and sharing his knowledge and expertise.  From my child's      perspective 'it's really a lot of fun!'   However from the parent      perspective, I can appreciate all of the self confidence and      valuable life skills that my child is gaining, all while having so      much fun!"   ~Christy Duffy


 "Julia loves learning To Shin Do at the Pataskala Martial Arts Academy and learning new self defense techniques with her friends."  "We are very proud of the training Julia has received at the Pataskala Martial Arts Academy."  -Mandy (and Chris) Selfinger


Class Photos